Monopolartige Produktionen europäischer Länder und der U.d.S.S.S.R.


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Monopolartige Produktionen europäischer Länder und der U.d.S.S.S.R.
Monopolartige Produktionen aussereuropäischer Länder


Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft, Plate #58-59, "Monopolistic Production in European Countries, non-European Countries, and the USSR". These two plates show how different nations dominate the markets for specific products and commodities. For example, Sweden dominates the market in matches, Germany in potassium, and the United States in copper, sulfur, cars, film, oil, corn, and cotton. Being able to read German is useful but not necessary: the graphics alone show that Great Britain and the United States control production of a larger number of products and commodities than the rest of the world combined. While these charts could not predict the eruption—within the decade—of a second World War, they do help predict who would emerge victorious in a global conflict.



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