Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft - Zur Einführung


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Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft - Zur Einführung


Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft, Plate #101, "Society and Economy — Introduction". In his Introduction to the portfolio "Society and Economy" Neurath explains some of the many principles that guided both the genesis of the project and its execution: namely, to use a logically constructed visual language to display new connections across data sets and disciplines, thereby shedding light on the current state of human civilization and its evolution. Isotype not only reveals these connections but also conveys them clearly and efficiently: as Neurath writes here, "it is better to remember simplified pictures than to forget accurate numbers." As with his program for unified science, Neurath holds that a common language, based on a common set of assumptions and principles, allows for a better, more complete understanding of social and scientific problems, their sources, and their possible solutions.



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